FreeCodingTutorials.com was created to help people learn to code. You don’t have to learn in a traditional way, such as in a college class. You can also do self-paced coding on your own. This website provides information that can help you learn what you need in order to become a software developer. All writing on this site is free.

The writing for this site originally started as a book project, but was converted into a website instead. It’s organized just like a book though. Each section is like a chapter. It makes sense to read the sections in order, but if you want, feel free to skip around. Maybe you only want to learn Python. In that case, it makes sense to just start in the Python section.

The introduction might be a little long, so if you want to just get right into the technical stuff, go here.

The person who made this website has a personal website here. He has made many coding projects, which you can learn more about here, or see his GitHub account here.

If you’d like to contact the creator of this site, please use the contact form here.

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