Reading Recommendations

Light reading:

  1. Programming for beginners:
  1. Textbooks and more advanced programming:
  1. Information Technology:
  1. Information Security:

These books aren’t in any particular order (aside from the groups), so you don’t need to read them in the order they’re listed here. And if you these books are too expensive on Amazon, you might be able to find them cheaper elsewhere. Also, some books might cover similar topics, so if you read on SQL or git book, you might not want to spend your money on another similar one because of the overlap of content. Just keep in mind that the cost of these books is nothing compared to the cost of college. If you buy some of the books in these lists and pay for freelance tutoring, you can give yourself your own self-directed learning that is actually quite good, especially for the money. As long as you’re interested and self-driven, it’s definitely doable to learn computer science. And even if you are a computer science major, these books can help you get ahead and also add more breadth to your knowledge.

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Appendix Topic List

Main Topic List

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